Songwriter/Drummer/Guitar Player/Vocalist/Producer
"All Around Great Musician"

AJ Garcia is A accomplished Musician that has been performing-Writing and producing Music for over 15 years. Formally Trained on Drums, A.J. has played over 200 Live Shows as a drummer in Venues that seat 300-52000. Skilled in a variety of Genres from Rock to Rap and everything in between, AJ is not your typical Musician that can only work in one lane.

Since 2010, AJ has written over 100 Songs and released 2 full length Records on which he Wrote-Produced-Played Drums-Guitars and Vocals on all tracks. The records were released on the SickSong Record Label. 

In the summer of 2015, AJ shifted gears with his career and has spent the last year and a half working on his Vocal skills and is currently gearing up for 2017 as a Songwriter/Vocalist. Over the course of 2017, AJ will be releasing tracks and performing Live.

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January 2017

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(The Game) Written/Produced and Performed by A.J. Garcia Special Thanks To Chris Garcia for the Bad Ass Solo on Kill Or Be Killed. Recorded at SickSong Studio Copyright © 2017 SickSong Records

AJ Garcia has recorded a Truly Unique Original sound on this record. With His off Time Guitar work-flawless drumming and Gritty Vocals, AJ put together a Old school Analog sound To truly capture that live raw Energy that this record possesses., The Record was released under the Name (EMI) The project created by A.J. Garcia to play his Music Live. All Guitars-Drums-Vocals-AJ Garcia Bass Guitar-DJ Paredi Produced by AJ Garcia Recorded at The House Of Music October 2010 Release Date: 2010 Re-release Date:2017 © Copyright SickSong Records